Blues Arcadia


Very Very Excitement!!!

The hour cometh. We're throwing a super-secret little party for this baby in Brisbane the day before release (November 13th), so make sure you are signed up to our email list to receive your invite!

Blues Arcadia EP Review

These musicians are the real thing with nothing to hide. "Recording live to tape meant absolute commitment to every moment of the songs." - Blues Arcadia Songwriters Alan Boyle (vocals) and Chris Harvey (guitar) make our world a better place. Listen to Blues Arcadia and they will take you on a blues train, riding shades of rock, country and Motown. On tracks “Take The Money”, “Rockin’ Chair”, “Miss Lonely” and “Operator Please”, Boyle’s upbeat and raunchy story-telling is sometimes interspersed with stabbing horns, and plenty of blues-infused instrumental conversations from guitar and keys. “Here Comes The Rain” is a timeless ballad. Boyle’s voice almost cracks painfully over Harvey’s gentle

Caloundra we found ya.

We got in about 3pm with a badly jet-lagged singer who was trapped in LA for 24 hrs before getting home that morning (but seriously, who crashes out on the greenroom couch before a show?) and soaked up the good sun and surf vibes before playing the Song Stage on Saturday night. It was a shortie, but a goodie. Looking forward to coming back to this fantastic festival next year!

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