The Ballad of Sir Tralyne

Depression. You're not alone - particularly if you're a musician. The constant battles with creativity, addictions, sleep deprivation and one's own inner darkness can be overwhelming. Admitting you need help is the first step on a long road but often the SSRI meds designed to help come with their own issues, stigmas and dangers. "The Ballad of Sir Tralyne" is an expression of our experiences with anti-depressants and psychiatric treatment over the years... While this vid may be tongue-in-cheek, we're seriously fortunate to have gotten help with our individual mental health struggles.

And please: if you think you might need help, there are literally dozens of websites, helplines, and GPs who are waiting to hear from you, including Beyond Blue: visit or call 1300 22 4636. Don't wait.

Directed, filmed and produced by Tobias Broughton, Horse and Duke Productions. Additional cameras by Brendan Watterson and Nathan Byrnes. Big thanks to Alannah for letting us shoot at The Old Museum again, and to Peter B at Coffey's Family Pharmacy. Viva Brisvegas. No mannequins were harmed in the making of this video.

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